- All items can be picked up
- No building height limit
- Foundations are stackable
- Triangle foundations, ceilings & roofs
- Ceilings snap flush with foundations
- Crop plots snap to foundations & ceilings
- Sloped walls can snap to the bottom of walls & ceilings
- Foundations can snap to ceilings if there is ground support (ie other side of bridge)
- Gateways snap in line with fence foundations
- Storage boxes snap to each other
- Wires & pipes can be hidden & verticals are only 1 wall high
- Large & behemoth walls(4 tall & 12 tall)
- Numerous snap points cleaned up
- All noisy structures are silent
- All crafting stations can be locked & pin coded
- All gas only structures can also use electricity
- All gates, doors & trapdoors can auto open & close (with various settings)
- More config options than anybody wants to read!

  • When dinos are set to passive they become protected, or immune to damage, after some time.

  • If you ride the protected dino, they become vulnerable until dismounted, then a timer will start until it is immune to damage again.

  • Protected dinos cannot be picked up by flyers.

  • When a dino becomes protected, all inventory items except food and equipped saddles are dropped onto the floor.

  • Customize the duration of the delay timer. Or remove it completely!

  • Clean and stackable mod, Protected Passives should work with any other mod you may have installed. 

100% of Donations Go Toward the Cluster

  • Upkeep & Upgrades for server

  • Additional maps

  • Assist fun events


  • Journeyman​

    • VIP status on SARKO Discord

    • Ability to cross Ark chat from Discord

    • Get one chibi a month not listed below

  • Mastercraft

    • VIP status on SARKO Discord

    • Tribe restricted Voice Channel per request

    • Ability to cross Ark chat from discord

    • One a chibi a month: Wyvern, Snow Owl,​ Dire Wolf, Ovis, Theri, Reaper, Rock Drake, Griffin, Pair-of-Saurs, Tropeo, and any not listed on Ascendant.

  • Ascendant

    • VIP status on SARKO Discord

    • Tribe restricted Voice Channel per request

    • Ability to cross Ark chat from discord

    • Admins will paint your dinos for you

    • One chibi a month: Phoenix, Tiny Titano, Managarmr, Unicorn, and any of the genesis Chibis.​

Vote here if you wish to support the server. Unfortunately, we can not give any incentive in order to keep a true and balanced ark experience.